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unnamed-18Yemie Sonuga is a Nigerian, Canadian, and American Yoga Teacher. Yemie is also an international performer, who sings, acts, and dances, whilst spreading mindfulness all around New York City. Yemie was introduced to the practice of Yoga whilst living in London, England. Soon after discovering yoga she was invited by British Yoga legend Mark Kan to take part in the Dharma Mittra teacher training. Yemie quickly realized yoga’s importance on her quest to further awaken her mind. Yemie hopes to teach others as they navigate their journey of life, how to trust in themselves and recognize their highest potential.

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You can find Yemie weekly at Y7 Studio, and online at Caravan Wellness.

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A Detailed Practice 

The Practice is to find an awearness of self. The purpose is to support the mind through the practice of asana /moving meditation/ which to most is the gateway to the yogic philosophies. We want to be able to sit for extended periods of time, moving past the distractions that come from the body, that come from the perceptions we have taken on, that come from anything that is not serving us. The goal is Self Realization. The knowledge and understanding of ones true self, where you become the most loved, the most supported, and it all comes from within. In 2019 we use the terms ‘Self-Love’, and ‘Live Your Best Life’.

5 Fun Facts about me. 

  1. Elephants are my favourite animals.
  2. I was in the Broadway Touring production of Disney’s The Lion King.
  3. Nigeria, Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, and America are the 6 different countries I have lived in.
  4. I love to laugh and can more often than not be found smiling.
  5. I’m Vegan.

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