Yoga – A New Beginning

Yoga into the New Year! I’m excited to share with you all my teaching schedule.

•8am – Tuesday Morning @harlemyogastudio•

•Subbing @lifeinmotion and @studiointheheights•

My goal is to have 5 classes on my schedule this year so watch this space to see how I navigate yoga in the city, and my own personal journey. Drop any trips, tricks, advice, and motivation in the comments below that you might think will help me achieve his goal.

Making goals for yourself is so important. With me I find it to be one of the things that helps to keep me grounded. To always keep moving forward and striving for something. A nice way to look at is; your goals help to pave a cosmic road for your life. My road looks like a baby to royal blue celestial path filled with stars that are every moving and changing. It allows 360degrees of movement. It might send me up and down, side to side, and  don’t be alarmed if you see me in a loop da loop.

Mini Photoshoot

The other week I was asked to model for a photographer, this beautiful, strong, woman, called Jada. She had invited another photographer to assist with the shots for her up and coming magazine. I’m still waiting to see the outcome of that photoshoot. But while we wait (in suspense, as this will be my first editorial feature). Here are a couple of shots taken by Johnny Johnson.


by: Johnny Johnson


by: Jonny Johnson