2020 Update:

  • National Commercial – The Brick *unable to film due to Covid-19
  • Next Stop Podcast – an audio sitcom about your mid-to-late 20’s when everyone is changing around you, and you worry that you might not catch up. Episode 1 premiered this week! Listen to me as Ally Lonergan at https://www.nextstopshow.comEpisodes are released weekly, and can also be found on Spotify and Apple Pods.

2019 Update:

  • SUNY Collage
  • Laughing Lotus
  • Classpass
  • Peloton
  • Hook’d (Short – Premiering at The Soho Film Festival 2019)
  • Cora Life (Commercial)
  • Caravan Wellness (Digital)
  • Spring Place Wellness (Print)
  • Dear Care Free Black Girl (Assistant Director, and Production Designer)

Cast Albums:

  • Ghost the Musical Broadway Cast Album